I love to drive fast. Always have. When I heard that Illinois is increasing the speed limit on rural interstate highways, it made me smile.

According an article in the Chicago Tribune, on January 1st Illinois will be the 37th state to approve limits of 70 mph or higher since the national speed limit was repealed almost two decades ago. Some people think this is a bad thing.

I do not speed in work zones or school zones, but like I said earlier - I love to drive fast. From my own personal experience, I don't believe that driving fast on rural interstates is a problem. If you want to drive slower, you have every right to - in the RIGHT LANE. Leave the left lane open for me (and other faster drivers) to pass.

I don't know if I would like a scenario where there was no speed limit. The ability to drive as fast as "I" can (within reason) sounds good to me, but how many inexperienced drivers will hurt themselves or others because they cannot handle their vehicle at higher speeds.

Maybe states could implement a licensing system where drivers can earn the right (qualifying) to drive at faster speeds by proving their ability to handle a motor vehicle. A sticker on the back window in various colors will tell police (and other drivers) that a driver is licensed to drive at specific speeds.

I would like to "qualify" for the 100 mph sticker. I don't think I need to go any faster than that. Quincy to Chicago in 3 1/2 hours would be nice...

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