Well... St. Louis adjacent. A suburb of St. Louis. Collector's Corner in Belleville will bring six of the nine kids who played ball that fateful summer back in 1962. They laughed, they played hard, they chased a dog, they came of age. But mostly it's about the love of the game. And me going down to Belleville to get autographs and a photo with them will be for love of the movie. And the game.

Marty "Yeah Yeah" York, Tom "Smalls" Guiry, Victor "Timmy" DiMattia, Shane "Tommy" Obedzinski, Chauncey "Squints" Leopardi and Brendan Quintin "Kenny" Adams will all be on hand on November 3rd for meet and greets, photo ops and autographs. Now, you won't be able to get individual photos with the guys, but they will be available for a group shot.

According to this Facebook post, there will be several different autograph and photo op packages you can buy. But details are scant on exactly what they can sign. Can it only be items you buy at the event? Or can you bring your own. Like... can Tom Guiry sign my copy of Mystic River? Could Brendan Quintin Adams sign my Mighty Ducks Trilogy boxed set, even though he was only in the first two? What about Marty York signing the DVD that contains his one episode of Boy Meets World?

Inquiring minds want to know. But I'll definitely be making an effort to check this out. The Sandlot is my all time favorite baseball movie. Sorry Kevin Costner's Field of Dreams.

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