Every time I see one of Sarah McLaughlin's sad animal commercials, it's a tearjerker for me. Animals being abused and neglected is the worst. There are several states that think so too. Many have passed laws, or are proposing laws, that require animal abusers to sign up on a registry. Should Illinois adopt a law like this?

Florida has an online registry that shelters and adoptions agencies can use to "clear" a person wanting to adopt a pet. According to ABC7, the process makes the adoption go faster and the shelters know that the animals are being taken care of and not abused or neglected.

So, should Illinois adopt a law like this? Or will it make people less likely to adopt if they know they could end up on a registry list? I'm in favor for it. Lately I've seen too many animals outside in this weather either tied up or roaming the streets. I barely let my dogs out for five minutes when it's this cold, let alone a half an hour or longer. If this would scare away some people in adopting to protect the animals, I say go for it.

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