There are so many things to love about this. First, a squirrel broke into a Walmart. Second, he smartly went straight to the squirrel food and doesn't look like he's leaving anytime soon. Win.

The shopper who captured the video had this to say about this squirrely encounter:

I was startled by a squirrel while shopping at Walmart. Looks like it can read because it went straight for the squirrel food.

Watch this. It is nuts. Oh, wait...

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This wasn't the Quincy or Hannibal Walmart, by the way. Pretty sure this one is in Florida. No matter, the internet is roaring its approval. Here are some top quality comments on YouTube from the comedians:

Alan Smith - "I was in a Walmart a few years ago, and a bird was doing the same thing. They should give them a Walmart Vest to wear!"

Laura - "Squirrel does better than me, she found the right aisle."

ExplodingPrinny - "Squirrel tested, squirrel approved"

This squirrel should work on an endorsement deal. I can identify with what Laura said. I can never seem to find the right aisle for anything. Squirrel is more advanced in shopping techniques than me.

Pro Tip for the squirrel: Go find one of the people handing out samples. They'd likely love to empty their tray. You are welcome.

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