Her debut country album 'Feels Like Home' has just been released, but Sheryl Crow is already settled into her home in Nashville. The rootsy 'newcomer' country artist says she is happy to live in a low-key city where the paparazzi aren't lurking around every corner.

After living in celeb-packed cities like New York and Los Angeles for a few years, Crow relocated her family to Nashville following a breast cancer diagnosis. She was determined to live in a place where she could sink her roots and live a quiet life out of the limelight.

"One of the grandest things about living here is getting to be in my line of work, and getting to have my kids and myself have a normal life,” Crow shares with the Tennessean.

"Celebrity is tantamount in Los Angeles, and it’s not here, and I think celebrity and fame have done a disservice to artistry," the singer continues. "In this community, family is the most important thing, and privacy rates way up there. I don’t think the community here would allow something like paparazzi everywhere."

In addition to enjoying her privacy, Crow has relished in the opportunity to collaborate with all of the talented songwriters who reside in Music City. On 'Feels Like Home,' she co-wrote with pros like Brad Paisley, Luke Laird, Natalie Hemby and more.

"There are so many unbelievable musicians in this town, it slays me,” Crow adds. “In all these years in this business, I’ve been missing out on this. It doesn’t exist anywhere else. It’s such a joy to live here."

As much as Crow loves living in Nashville, she'll spend much of the next two months away from home. The 'Easy' star is hitting the road to promote her first-ever country album, but when she's back in Nashville, she'll be in the studio working on demo version of songs for 'Diner,' a Broadway musical collaboration with Barry Levinson.

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