Explorers take us inside a former cancer research hospital that has been abandoned for almost 20-years.

There has been equipment left behind from x-ray machines to nurses call stations and even some biohazard bags from a hospital that has been abandoned for almost 20-years. The small hospital has five surgical rooms, multiple X-Ray rooms, a morgue, and is covered with black mold throughout the hospital.

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The hospital closed in the early 2000s and opened in 1927, so it was around for a while before the doors were closed for good. As you will watch the explorers take us through the hospital, it's almost frozen in time with several pieces of equipment left behind. To think that this equipment was used once and twenty years later how far we've come in not only medical equipment but in the medical field and cancer research. It really is amazing to think about.

Going into abandoned places is scary enough, but going into a place that has black mold and toxic fumes is a whole other dangerous adventure. You also have to wonder if there were any advances made in the research done at this hospital. I could not find any records of any new research done.

LOOK INSIDE: Former Cancer Research Hospital Closed Almost 20-Years

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