There have been some interestingly stupid products unnecessarily marketed as "for ladies" that have graced our store shelves over the years. The "Lady's Hammer" or "Batteries For Ladies" which are just normal versions of those things colored pink. The Bic For Ladies. Not the razor, mind you. Bic pens. Also Bic lighters. Yeah... both those things have had "For Ladies" versions for whatever reason. I think that reason is "Question Mark."

But now Doritos has thrown their dumb hat into the pointless ring by announcing new "Chips For Women." I'll let Sam explain the problems with it:

It's just... why? Why is this a thing? Do ladies need their own chips? Is Doritos conceding that they've sold an inferior product to 50% of the population for the past 54 years? And perhaps most importantly, what does this mean for the Doritos Locos tacos? Are we now going to have separate Doritos Locos tacos? WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE DORITOS LOCOS TACOS for Women©®™?!

Don't get us wrong, both Sam and I love Doritos, but Sam doesn't feel like she needs special Doritos, and I'm feeling confused because what if I want less cheesy, less crunch Doritos? Does that make me a lady?

Hopefully the world never has to find out, and Doritos kills this stupid idea before it leaves the factory floor.

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