As we announced the other day, our Digital Editor Ben and his wife welcomed two new babies into the world on Monday morning. Twin boys, to be exact. The next generation of those Suite Life kids. Or the Olsen twins, depending on how old you are and which pop culture references you understand. Sam only knows about raising non-twin girls, and I myself have absolutely zero nuggets of sage parenting wisdom. So we turned to you, our listeners, for some parenting advice for new father Ben. We even turned to country stars Chris Stapleton and Dylan Scott for advice. Here's some of the best advice that Ben should definitely heed. Plus a bonus playlist guaranteed to make you tear up. Because I'm just that evil.

Sleep When They Sleep

This was the overwhelming pick. This was Sam's first thought, too. As soon as they're asleep, you go to sleep, too. Because that's the only time you'll get sleep. Worry about getting other things done later. This will be your best bet.

Routine Routine Routine

Set a routine for both yourselves and the boys. You'll fall right into the groove of it all. Most parents of twins commented that routine and getting them on the same schedule is key, otherwise you're fighting a literal never-ending battle. If they're on the same schedule, there will at least be a bit of reprieve.

Enjoy Every Minute

This was the second most popular piece of advice, and super important. There will be times you don't appreciate what's going on, those times will be right in the midst of some serious madness. You'll forget to take it all in. Don't do that. As one person said, "You will blink and be sending them to college."

Ignore Advice, Go With Your Gut

I think this is key. You can read a million books about parenting, listen to everyone's opinion about what works and what doesn't. But ultimately you have to do what's right for you, your kids, and your family. Hear the advice. Take in the advice. Adapt the advice to fit your needs. But you really have to figure out the parenting thing for you. Because what worked for Sam or Sarah or my sister or whoever, may not work for you. Go with your gut.

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