If you wanted to get your hands on a “Unicorn Frappuccino” at one of Quincy’s two Starbucks locations, you should have been a little quicker.

Both the Starbucks near the Quincy Mall and the Starbucks inside of the Broadway HyVee are completely sold out of the magic ingredients required to create the sweet and sour concoction whose color Brodie so aptly described as “Lisa Frank-ish”.

The uber-viral sugar coma in a cup had originally planned to continue through Sunday, but as we were warned yesterday when we stopped in for a round of fushsia-toned diabetic shock, they were going faster than anyone could have predicted.

Of course Quincy is not alone in prematurely putting an end to what I can only imagine is padding the retirement funds of Quincy area dentists. Many shops across the nation were selling out as early as Thursday. We’re lucky they lasted as long as they did here in the Gem City.

For now, there is no timetable when (or if) the drink will make a McRib-style comeback, so we’ll all have to wait and see. But for now, your cravings will sadly be unfulfilled.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough unicorns.

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