Thursday, you'll be donning some nice clothes to spend Thanksgiving with your loved ones and giving thanks for the good year you've had. You'll have some pleasant conversation, watch the parade, maybe a football game or two, and then discuss Christmas plans. Friday, you'll be donning riot gear so you can save a few bucks on whatever 2016's version of a Turboman is.

But Wednesday? Wednesday's for partying. Let your hair down, get wild, have a few drinks. Because the best cure for a hangover is a little hair o' the dog, which means day drinking the next day, and sometimes you just need a few in you to get through Thanksgiving. Quincy bars and hotspots are your pre-Thanksgiving.

Local artists Zeke Cernea and Paul Wood are releasing their new album, "Moving Out" with a release party at Martini's at 515 Maine in Quincy. There will be great music, amazing Night Before Thanksgiving cocktails and drink specials, and an all around one of a kind experience. The show starts at 8pm, so get there early to secure your spot.

One Restaurant & Bar is hosting alt-rock band Trifecta at 9pm. Then you can head over The Dock for Jared & The Gentlemen, and wind up at the The Club on 10th Street for blues band King Bees. Make sure you have a designated driver to cart you around so can catch all these great Pre-Thanksgiving parties.