Arby's is known for having the meats, but usually it's just beef or chicken. And pork, they have bacon. They aren't heathens. But for one day only they're adding the oh so delicious meat that usually only makes an appearance this time of year anyway: Venison.

Arby's Sign

What started last year in just a handful of markets to test it out is now going nationwide, and will even reach our Arby's on Broadway. Last year, the venison sandwiches caused such a stir, they were sold out within minutes, so if you want one, expect to get there bright and early and prepare to stand in line.

What's more is that three locations, in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana will see a test of Elk sandwiches. Should THAT go well, maybe we'll see some Elk sandwiches come this time next year.

I've spent most of my life in Upper Michigan, where most dishes become venison based come November. Even had elk and bear meat on occasion. So I'm eagerly anticipating what Arby's can do with venison. I bet it's great with the Arby's sauce.

The Arby's is at 2451 Broadway and opens at 10am on Saturday.

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