The new Panda Express is finally open. I have been wanting to pick up a big bowl of fried rice and a couple of egg rolls to go. Stuff I used to get at Chinese restaurants before they all became buffets.

Looking at the selection as I walked in changed my mind.

pick two...or three.

I decided for my first time I would get the "3-entree" plate. I figured that would be a nice sampling of what they have. I ordered the Mushroom Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, and the Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast (on fried rice, of course).

My mistake - I should have ordered one chicken, one beef, and one pork dish. But I didn't want to dawdle any more than necessary.

All of the entrees had the same taste to them. Nothing special (of course, they were all CHICKEN).

I also ordered a couple of Egg Rolls. They had a good flavor to them, but they were overcooked (and expensive - $3.50 for two Egg Rolls?).

Brian: does this count?

The plate shown above (with the two Egg Rolls) came to $12.48. Yes, it was a good sampling, but a little steep for lunch of that caliber. Let's face it - it is a glorified Chinese cafeteria. At least with a buffet I can scoop around the green peppers and chewy onions.

Luckily, I was able to sample some excellent Chinese food while on vacation. If you are ever in the Cincinnati area you must check out Cathay Kitchen. My mom has been going there for years, and every time I visit we make a point to stop there at least once.