My beloved Kansas City Royals found themselves in first place at the end of Monday night's win over the Oakland A's, and Royals center fielder Jarrod Dyson celebrated the last out with a fancy head-over-heels flip.

St. Louis Cardinals fans, of course, are well accustomed to seeing those things, at least back in the 1980s and 1990s. Ozzie Smith, "The Wizard of Oz," was and still is known for his acrobatics at Busch Stadium when he took the field.

Naturally, in today's world of social media, we are now comparing the two players' flips and having silly internet arguments about whose is better. Here's your turn to do the same.

Here's my take as a tried-and-true blue lifelong Royals fan for 45 years. Ozzie did it with more flair. He ran and did a cartwheel into a flip. Dyson did his from a standing still position. Ozzie had more flair... Dyson stuck the landing better. Ozzie got a running head start... Dyson's degree of difficulty was a little tougher.

Shockingly, I'm going to pick Dyson. Because I'm a tried-and-true blue lifelong Royals fan of 45 years, and I'm excited to see my team in the playoff hunt again. My expectation is that 100% of Cardinal fans will pick Ozzie for the same reason. The truth is... they're both great and both a lot of fun for the fans.

Oh, by the way... it's pronounced Juh-ROD..... not Jair-id. Now that my beloved Royals are in first place it's time the talking heads in media got that right.

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