The Wizard is going to try working some magic in Washington D.C. It has been announced that Ozzie Smith is partnering with Budweiser in an attempt to get Major League Baseball's Opening Day designated as a national holiday.

A petition has been launched at asking for the designation of "national observance" for MLB's Opening Day. If the petition receives a minimum of 100,000 signatures within 30 days, the Administration must give it "consideration" and a response.

Ozzie Smith petitioning White House to designate Opening Day as a national holiday.
Jim McIsaac, Getty IMages

Obviously this is a publicity stunt, but it's kind of a fun one. It also does make a little bit of sense, too. Without any sort of data, study or factual backup, I would wager that more Americans observe Opening Day than a number of actual holidays. In fact, there are probably a lot of days that U.S. citizens would rather have as holidays than some of the real holidays.

Here are three days that I would like to see designated as a national holiday.

  • Christmas Eve - who has time to work when you're not finished with your shopping?
  • Super Bowl Sunday - which would be observed the Monday immediately following the Super Bowl, since the Super Bowl is always on Sunday.
  • Every Friday the 13th - we could all stay home and watch scary movies all day.

What about you? What days of the year would you love to have off as a national holiday?

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