A while back, there was a thing going around Facebook where people were listing their favorite films from every year they've been alive, including their birth year. As a gigantic movie nerd, of course I did one. As not as big movie nerds, Ben and Sam had not. But I asked them to because I wanted to compare notes, and see if there was any cross pollination in our favorite films. The results were intriguing.

If you click the 'Show' drop-down menu and change it to 50, you can see our full lists.

Our Favorite Films Every Year Since We Were Born

2017Get OutWonder WomanBeauty & The Beast
2016The ArrivalTrollsDeadpool
2015Ex MachinaThe MartianThe Martian
2014BirdmanThe Lego MovieBoyhood
2013The World's EndSaving Mr. BanksWolf of Wall Street
2012The AvengersWreck-It-Wralph21 Jump Street
2010InceptionDespicable MeToy Story 3
2009District 9ZombielandThe Hangover
2008The Dark KnightIron ManThe Dark Knight
2007Zodiac300Into the Wild
2006Children of MenDreamgirlsDreamgirls
2005Sin CityThe Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsCrash
2004Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindShaun of the DeadSaw
200328 Days Later (US Release was '03)Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlSchool of Rock
2002Confessions of a Dangerous MindSweet Home AlabamaJohn Q
2001Wet Hot American SummerA Knight's TaleOcean's 11
2000High FidelityRemember the TitansRemember the Titans
1999The Matrix10 Things I Hate About YouFight Club
1998The Big LebowskiEver AfterThe Truman Show
1997The Fifth ElementMy Best Friend's WeddingGood Will Hunting
1996ScreamJerry MaguireThat Thing You Do
1995Se7enCluelessApollo 13
1994Pulp FictionLegends of the FallShawshank Redemption
1993Dazed & ConfusedHocus PocusFree Willy
1992Army of DarknessMy Cousin VinnyA Few Good Men
1991Terminator 2: Judgement DayBeauty & The BeastTerminator 2: Judgement Day
1990GoodfellasGoodfellasHome Alone
1989Field of DreamsDo The Right ThingField of Dreams
1988Die HardCocktailBig
1987The Princess BrideSpaceballsThe Princess Bride
1986AliensFerris Bueller's Day OffFerris Bueller's Day Off
1985Back to the FutureThe GooniesBack to the Future
1984GremlinsThis is Spinal Tap
1983Trading Places
1982E.T.: The Extraterrestrial
1981Raiders of the Lost Ark


The most interesting thing to me is that there isn't a single year where we all agree on a film. Of the 33 years the three of us all existed at the same time, there were a total of 11 overlaps, with Ben overlapping the most at 10 films, five with Sam and five with myself. Sam and I only agreed on one film, 1990's Goodfellas. Though if you break it down, we came close in 2008, with Sam picking Iron Man, while Ben and I picked The Dark Knight. Both are about billionaire industrialist playboys with too much time and money on their hands and a lot of cool, expensive gadgets. But Sam isn't too keen on Batman, she's more of a Superman fan.

You can also pick up on some definite trends. I, for instance, lean more toward genre films, with quite a few sci-fi and horror dominating my list. Ben has quite a few uplifting feel good films. And with all the animated films, especially recent animated films you can kinda tell Sam has kids. I did think it was interesting that in 1987, Ben and I went for The Princess Bride, while Sam is the one who went for the Mel Brooks film Spaceballs. For the record, I'm a huge fan of Mel Brooks, but Spaceballs wouldn't even crack my top five Brooks films.

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