I have lived in this state my entire life and I never knew this restaurant existed, and that is the point, they don't want you to know about it...

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TimeOut released a list of the Best Secret Restaurant in the US, and at number three on their list is a restaurant in Chicago called Duck Sel. Now, I lived in Chicago for years, not only lived there but was a tour guide (ya know we are supposed to know everything, and I thought I did) but I have never heard of Duck Sel before. On the site they say...

"There are plenty of fine dining restaurants in Chicago, yet none are shrouded in secrecy like Duck Sel. Donald Young, the former Michelin-starred chef of Temporis, hosts a series of monthly pop-up dinners, where he treats guests to whimsical courses showcasing local, seasonal ingredients and avant-garde techniques out of an undisclosed location. You can book a spot online but the address isn’t revealed until 24-48 hours before the experience"

Duck Sel is literally secret because it just pops up places. I can't even give you an address to go and check it out for yourself, if you want more information on Duck Sel click here! 

What a wild and unique restaurant idea! Some of the other restaurants on the list of secret restaurants look very cool like the one I'd love to eat at called Cavern Grotto Restaurant located 220+ feet below the ground in Arizona, to check out the full list of secret restaurants for yourself just click here! 

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