A press release came across my desk this morning, announcing the plans for Jose Cuervo's 220th anniversary. I had no idea that the famous tequila was that old. It turns out that there are several famous brands that are much older than I would have ever guessed.

King Arthur Flour, as a brand, dates back to 1896, but the company that produces King Arthur Flour has been in business since 1790!

The Old Farmer's Almanac really is old. When it was first published in 1792, it was just called the Farmer's Almanac. That's not a joke, that was really the title. It didn't officially become The "Old" Farmer's Almanac until the mid-1800s.

Colgate toothpaste goes back to 1873. Prior to selling toothpaste, William Colgate's company, founded in 1806, specialized in soaps. Their first toothpaste was sold in jars. Colgate toothpaste in tubes was introduced in 1896.

Baker's Chocolate. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Baker's Chocolate has been in the business of selling Baker's Chocolate since 1780! Of course, there are several varieties sold these days, but the brand name has not changed. Kraft Foods currently produces Baker's Chocolate.

There are plenty of other very old brands that are still marketed, both Pepsi and Coke come to mind, but I had no idea that the histories of the brands mentioned went back quite so far.

In case you're wondering, Jose Cuervo is celebrating its 220th anniversary by introducing special gold and silver bottles. The bottles, with gold and silver colored metallic coatings, feature a "Day of the Dead" – themed skull to honor the brand's Mexican roots.

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