McAlister's Deli has finally opened in Quincy, and as a big fan of their restaurant I am absolutely thrilled to have another lunch option here in town. Their menu is filled with tons of great options from sandwiches, to soups, and their famous spuds, you really cant go wrong. So the question is what's your lunch order? Glad you asked here is mine!

-First and foremost you have to start with a sandwich, and my favorite is the California Turkey Reuben, classic Reuben sandwich only with the really fresh deli sliced turkey, you cant go wrong. (P.S. As a side I always go with the jalapeno chips.)

-Secondly you have to pair the sandwich with a bowl of soup, and this is a tough choice. Tomato Bisque, Chicken Tortilla, Country Potato, are all solid options! But you got to roll with the my ride or die, Broccoli Cheddar. (P.S. Dunking the spicy chips in the soup is a must do.)

-Finally top it off with a large Coke Zero and you're set. (P.S. Not a sweet tea fan, I know this will cause controversy, but I gotta stay true to my order.)

There you go, the Mark Hespen special order from McAlister's Deli. As always feel free to debate me on Twitter @MarkHespen or Instagram @MarkHespen.

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