There was a spectacular blue vortex spotted over Missouri last night, but it wasn't a UFO. I can explain exactly what it was that was spotted by so many thanks in part to something that happened in the past.

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If you didn't witness this yourself last night (January 31, 2022), you can see a pic taken from Bolivar, Missouri that was shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit page.

It's a brilliant blue vortex that looks very similar to the one seen over Norway a few years ago. There's a good reason for that.

In that case, it was the remnants of a Russian missile test launch. That's also the reason for the blue vortex over Missouri last night. It was a SpaceX rocket booster which can be seen in black and white tumbling across the Missouri sky.

Sorry to rain on any extraterrestrial parades you might have had planned, but no there was not a big blue UFO over Missouri Monday night. Just a very pretty after effect of a rocket launch. Sure was neat though.

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