Seriously, guys?

In our latest edition of “Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet”, Matthew McConaughey did not praise the residents of Kirksville for lending a hand when his car broke down in the northeast Missouri town. He didn’t need to because it never happened. It’s fake news.

The website reports made up the story that the Oscar-winning actor recently passed through Kirksville in a rental car and, according to McConaughey, “the damn car overheated or something.” In a serendipitous act, an honorable band of locals stopped and offered up a relative’s tow truck to get the car to a mechanic (as one does with rental cars).

They took McConaughey do the local Jimmy John’s (as one does with A-list celebrities) and apparently the freaky fast goodness was just alright alright alright enough to convince McConaughey to just keep livin’ right there in Kirksville after his retirement. You still with me here?

Here’s the thing. That “Local 31 News”, despite its trustworthy name (it says “news” and even has a number in it) is, by their own definition “an entertainment website composed of mostly articles containing fantasy news or satire”. Furthermore, “they’re meant to be humorous and they’re for your entertainment”.

If you’re interested, McConaughey is currently in Brazil with his family.

Besides, McConaughey probably doesn’t even use rental cars anyway.

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