You heard Brad Puckett's "Carry Your Memory With Me" on this morning's Breakthrough Artist. Now hear the story behind the song from the songwriter himself, Mr. Jamie Trent! Jamie Trent is a regional sales manager with Knapehide, covering Quincy as part of his day job. But he's also quite the talented songwriter. We were lucky enough to get him on the phone. Take a listen:

It's a special kind of feeling when a song can connect with the listener. I'd imagine it's an even higher honor to have it connect with an artist who breathes life into it so well, as Brad Puckett did, which you can hear below.

It's always fun to hear of a local(ish) guy catch a big break, and it doesn't come any bigger than having the song you wrote recorded by a rising star, and have it make a big impression at a huge Country Radio Seminar.

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