This is the first in an on-going series of features to help you learn more about unsigned country singers and/or songwriters in our area.  Jamie is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager at Knapheide and as it turns out also a singer/songwriter.

KICK-FM: Where do you call home?

Jamie: Lynchburg, Va. Also home of Country Singer/Songwriter Phil Vassar

KICK-FM: When did you sing your first song?  When did you write your first tune?

Jamie: I sang my first song my sophomore year in high school when a couple of buddies and me formed a very raw and not very good garage band.  The name of the place we performed our first original song was @ Tony’s Place in Richmond, Va.   It was during that same year when I wrote my first song.  The name of the song was called “dying inside”.  Yes, my girlfriend at the time had just dumped me, so why not write a song about it.

KICK-FM: Many people dream of writing songs and getting signed.  You’re living it.  What’s it like trying to keep up with a full-time job and also get into the music business?

Jamie: Very tough. Thankfully, I have 2 things going for me.  I work for an unbelievable company, Knapheide Manufacturing, who is actually, along with my wife, my biggest supporter.  Second, I also write for a very small and family oriented publishing company out of Austin, Texas.  Though they are not physically located in the Nashville market, they have many contacts in Nashville.  They don’t put the demands on you like the larger publishing companies.

KICK-FM: Have you done any or many live performances?

Jamie: I have performed for years at local clubs and bar’s in and around the Lynchburg, Va area.  My passion these days really lies behind the scenes in Songwriting.


KICK-FM: Do you use social media to interact with your fans?

Jamie: I do.  2 sites that have become really popular among artists/musicians is ( and (  Those are the sites, along with Facebook, that I really try and showcase my music.

KICK-FM: What’s next for Jamie Trent in 2012?

Jamie: Well, my goal is to get one of my songs picked up by and cataloged by major artist.  That is basically what all songwriters dream about.  They say a songwriter these days has a better chance of hitting the lottery than that happening. With that said, I’m gonna keep writing and hope for both of the above.

KICK-FM: How can someone find out more about you or hear  your songs?

Jamie: I would suggest visiting and just search for Jamie Trent.  If anyone is interested, my music can be heard/purchased at and

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