This is the last straw. Of all the challenges in life we've faced over the past two years, now you must face the day with the reality that you are now getting 5 less Doritos in a bag than you did a couple years ago. Travesty.

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Please forgive my sarcasm. There are way worse issues people are dealing with now than this. But, it's true that based upon two separate reports, I can confirm that Doritos is now putting 5 less chips in each bag. Thanks a lot, inflation.

I first saw this from the Washington Free Beacon. I quite literally had to catch my breath when I saw their headline "Doritos Cuts Number of Chips in Each Bag". Shocking. It's based off of a report by Quartz which discussed how companies are adjusting their products so they don't have to charge you more. They quoted a Frito Lay representative as saying "we took just a little bit out of the bag so we can give you the same price and you can keep enjoying your chips".

It's not just Doritos. They also report that some paper towel companies are putting 3 less sheets in a roll, toothpaste companies have smaller tubes equaling one less brushing and there are less crackers in some cracker boxes. My faith in humanity is failing.

Quartz also reported that there are some Gatorade bottles that are now 28 ounces instead of 32 ounces, but being sold for the same price.

What do you think? Would you prefer to pay the same amount for less or pay more for the same sizes? This chip math is hurting my brain.

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