This might be the coolest bar in all of Missouri, and it is officially now on my bucket list, read this and you'll add it to yours too!

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I am always looking for the next place to take a long weekend getaway too, when I stumbled upon the Big Cedar Lodge just south of Branson, Missouri in a town called Ridgedale, it looked impressive and affordable, but what really sold me is the thing they call the "Bat Bar" on their Lost Canyon Cave & Nature Trail Cart Tour.

According to their website, visitors are able to book a golf cart, with seating up to 4 people per cart, and drive it on a man made trail that will take you on a tour of the beautiful southwest Missouri scenery, AND the Bat Bar. On their website they say...

"Experience the unforgettable two and a half-mile journey on an electric cart as you explore the Top of the Rock Lost Canyon and Nature Trail. This dramatic trail was created to highlight stunning rock formations, waterfalls and views of Table Rock Lake. Don’t forget to stop at the Bat Bar for a fresh glass of lemonade."

I went digging for more information on the Bat Bar and found from pictures (click here) and more information, they say on their site...

"...choose from a number of cocktails, from John L’s Hoop-de-Hoo (vodka, tonic, and grapefruit), the Cannonball (amaretto, bourbon, and pineapple juice), or Bat’s Blood (vodka with strawberry and peach lemonade). Bottled beer and wine by the glass are also available."

The website goes on to say that the bar was built in 2014, and that you can drink as you drive through the canyon cave with its waterfall, bat colony, streams, bridges, and so much more!

I have never been down to the Branson area BUT this is making me want to book a trip ASAP. I would add that in my research it appears as though the Big Cedar Lodge along with the Bat Bar and the other attractions were all built by the founder of Bass Pro Shops. Have you ever heard of this place before?

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