Are you ready to put those baseball skills to the test? A super fun test? And are you an adult? Well, I've got really good news if you answered yes to the first two questions, and really bad news if you answered yes to the third question. MLB's Pitch, Hit & Run is coming to Hannibal and Rushville in April, and it's open to kids aged 7-14!

This fun day long event lets kids test their pitching arm, their hitting prowess and their base running ability. In addition to being a fun activity, it's also a competition. The best from local events go on to compete regionally and nationally. The national finalists get an all expenses paid trip the MLB All-Star Game in July, this year's being held at National's Park in Washington DC, they get to compete on the field, and then field balls during the Home Run Derby.

The Hannibal Jaycees are hosting Hannibal's at Bear Creek Sports Park on April 21st. The first 50 registrants get a free t-shirt. You can register your kid here.

It's too bad the cut-off is 14 years old. I think the Big Dog has a real shot at winning the hitting competition this year:

While I could do well in the pitching competition:

Neither of us would do well with the running.

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