There might be something scientific to explain this phenomenon, but I have yet to hear it. It's a place in Missouri known as Gravity Hill where your vehicle will mysteriously coast backwards...uphill.

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I've visited the legend of Gravity Hill near Freeman, Missouri before, but there's a new video (or at least new to me) that shows clearly what happens when you drive DOWN the hill and then put your car in neutral. You will then coast BACKWARDS back up the hill. Here's how the person who shared the video on YouTube explains it:

Legend has it that children died on these tracks and they push you back up to the tracks. You can clearly see in the video we are facing downhill yet uphill we roll.

What they say is true. Watch.

You think this is someone just playing a video trick? They are not the only ones who have documented the creepy reaction of Gravity Hill.

Want to prove this to yourself? You can. Gravity Hill is located near Freeman, Missouri south of Kansas City. You can see it on Google Maps.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

If you dare tempt Gravity Hill yourself, make sure to capture the video (safely please) so those you tell the story to will believe you. Something will make sure you go back up that hill one way or another.

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