There's a seemingly innocent new commercial for that has Missourians in a bit of an uproar. They have combined the skylines of St. Louis and Kansas City into one mega metropolis for some unknown reason.

I saw this raging debate on Missouri Reddit. Before I dive into some of the hilarious responses, watch the Jeff Goldblum narrated commercial for yourself and see if you notice what's wrong.

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If the Gateway Arch were moved to downtown Kansas City, this is how it might look. As you might imagine, Missourians are taking this with their usual sense of humor. My favorite comment so far courtesy of Reddit user DeificTerror7:

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

Here's another slightly edited salty one:

Please get your KC out of my STL. They're touching and it's f****** disgusting. You wanna blend this city with another, you better bring something more respectable.... Like Detroit.

Another person took extreme exception to the fact that they've removed Illinois from the picture entirely:

Completely inaccurate. Didn’t anyone learn from or state quarter that one leg of the arch is in Missouri and the other in Illinois? This just looks ridiculous.

Keep being you, Missouri. If a commercial from is all you have to worry about today, you're having a really good day.

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