Files this story under the "something you don't see everyday" category, the staff at a prison in Missouri are fighting to get an inmate OFF of Death Row, will they be successful, and why are they vouching for a convicted murderer?

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According to an article from The Kansas City Star, Missouri Department of Corrections staff members are pleading with Missouri Governor Mike Parsons to get an inmate off of death row. Brian Dorsey will be facing lethal injection in April of this year, he was convicted of killing his cousin and her husband in central Missouri back in 2006. So, why should he NOT be sentenced to death? In the article, they say...

"Dozens of former and current employees with the Missouri Department of Corrections signed onto a letter urging Missouri Gov. Mike Parson...“We are part of the law enforcement community who believe in law and order,” the group wrote. “Generally, we believe in the use of capital punishment. But we are in agreement that the death penalty is not the appropriate punishment for Brian Dorsey.” The letter said Dorsey “has stayed out of trouble, never gotten himself into any situations, and been respectful of us and of his fellow inmates."

The article goes on to say that Dorsey has received honors for being a good inmate while serving, he has no conduct violations while serving his time, and the staff believes that his behavior would stay the same if he were to be taken off death row. So the staff believes he isn't just behaving this well to get off of death row. To read more about this story, click here!

Should Dorsey get off of Death Row?

The article goes on to mention how they believe that Dorsey was failed by his previous representation and should have been trialed for second-degree murder which wouldn't have carried a death sentence, arguing that drugs were involved. It is a complicated story like many murder cases are, should someone be taken off of death row because of the reform they have shown? We will keep our eyes on this story, but it doesn't look good for Dorsey, Gov. Parson has never granted clemency in his years in charge of the Show-Me State.

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