I believe this Missouri man is gonna have some explaining to do. He's just shared video of the moment when a sidewalk attacked his wife. Seriously.

It appears this special moment happened in Ferguson, Missouri recently as captured by a Ring doorbell camera. Here's how the husband described it:

Wife tripped and told me should be captured on camera. This is at home in the front yard. No injuries just a nice laugh in tripping.

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As a guy who was born and raised in Missouri and who also loves his wife very much, I'd like to offer some advice to this guy. First of all, if he asked her if it was OK to share the video and she said "sure". Spoiler Alert: "sure" sometimes really doesn't mean "yes, I'd love that to happen". Now that this video is out in the wild, he'll likely pay dearly for sharing his wife's mishap with the world.

I must confess that my family is also not known for agility and I've been attacked by inanimate objects many times. If I had a nickel for every door or bed frame that I've walked into, I'd be a rich man. I feel this lady's pain.

As for the husband, I'd advise finding some optional accommodations to stay in once his wife explains to him what "sure" really means in marriage talk.

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