Your doorbell rings, but by the time you answer it, there's no one there. Kids playing pranks? Nope. In this case, a Midwestern family learned they were being played by deer.

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This fun deer moment was captured on a Ring doorbell camera in Grand Haven, Michigan. A beautiful place indeed with awesome beaches nearby and...deer. Lots and lots of funny deer. Watch this doe get the surprise of her deer (or is it dear?) life when she dings the family.

This video inspired the internet comedians to come out of the woodwork with some of my favorite comments below:

RDC Tarantula - "deer forgot to light the fire for the brown paper bag full of deer doo doo. 💩💩💩"

C Bixcuit - "Ding dong ditch? 😄"

Deer are such pranksters in Michigan I hear. When I was in high school, I wish me and my friends could have run as fast as deer...I mean me and my friends allegedly ran. Ahem.

Just another fun Midwest moment with deer being deer and doorbell cameras showing us things we'd never be able to have seen in the past. Technology can sometimes be good.

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