This Missouri guy really deserves to be famous. He allegedly did something I've never seen done before. He tried to rob a Springfield, Missouri bank. One slight problem. He wrote the note he gave to the teller demanding money on the back of his own birth certificate. Genius.

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I really should share this guy's name, but I won't since the innocent remain innocent until proven guilty. The Kansas City Star did share his name. This robbery attempt happened Wednesday, July 20 at around 11:30 am according to their report. They say that he had a very unusual attire choice. Along with the gym shorts and cut-off t-shirt, he had only 1 orange shoe on. Interesting.

But, it's the money demand note where this gets good. On a piece of paper he had written "Give Your Money Now. Don't Say Anything. I Have a Partner Outside". The problem is that on the other side of the paper, his name was clearly typed out because the "paper" was his birth certificate. Doh.

They report that the teller felt he was enough of a threat she gave him a whopping $754 and he left only to be detained by police later. His alibi was allegedly that he "wanted to prove a point". Doh again.

What is the point of all this? #1 - Don't rob banks. It's not nice and it's a federal crime. #2 - If you ignore point #1, don't use your birth certificate.

The alleged genius robber will now face federal charges where his birth certificate will once again possibly be a judge.

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