This Missouri family of 9 has done something I can imagine would be difficult for a family of 2. They live off-the-grid and shared details of how and why they chose this kind of life and how it's worked out.

This is the Smyth family. They decided to document their new lifestyle with a YouTube channel called 1000's of roots. After corporate life and consumerism soured them on modern society, they sought privacy and a simpler way. Several years ago, they chose the Missouri Ozarks as their home. This is their story as it was 4 years ago. They explain how they live on solar power, how they grow food...basically how they are completely self-sustained away from civilization. Note: this first video was before the new addition to their family when there were only 8 of them.

Why Missouri? They loved the lack of building codes in the Show Me State. It greatly simplified their home building and setting up their life. They also felt like being within an hour of a city as large as Springfield gave them the location benefits they needed.

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That was 4 years ago. What's their life like now? They seem pretty happy as their kids share what a typical day is like for them.

Chores outside with gardening and the cattle in the morning and homeschool inside during the afternoons when it's hotter outside. Brilliant.

Hello Homestead has some guidelines you'll need to know if you believe this kind of life is right for you and yours. Crops, raising animals and selling food all have laws and the legal way to do things.

It's certainly not the life for everyone, but for some it's the peace they've sought for years.

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