Some people daydream about doing what this couple did. They gave up their corporate jobs, built an off-the-grid home and have lived a pioneer life for the past 12 years in Missouri.

Doug and Stacy have quite literally made their new life in the woods of Missouri with their own hands. They've helped countless others understand the do's and don'ts of living this lifestyle with a YouTube channel that now has over 613,000 followers. A couple days ago, they celebrated 12 years away from civilization as we know it. Here's how they described this endeavor:

My Husband said " We are LEAVING THE CITY for COUNTRY LIFE" and that is what we did. He built a 600 sq ft log cabin on 11 acres and now we grow most of our own food and live 100% off of rain water lol with NO PUBLIC UTILITIES .. This is actually the life I always wanted to live but didn't know it =)

They are truly walking their talk.

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I don't know their exact location and wouldn't share if I did. I do know they live in Missouri as they were just missed by the massive tornado outbreak of December 12 and mentioned they've lived in Missouri their entire lives during a livestream discussion of the twister that nearly hit them.

Imagine the liberation of knowing that you're not dependent on a power company or any other utilities. Your water comes from the rain and your night lights are lamps. It's not the lifestyle for everyone, but more and more are looking for other options to live especially with the public strife over the past few years. Doug and Stacy are a must-follow on YouTube if you have the means and are considering something like this. Even if you aren't, they are a couple with a compelling story to share and it continues to be told.

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