Due to the mystique, many people hope to someday see a genuine UFO. A few days ago two Independence, Missouri brothers decided to take it to the next level by actually trying to summon an E.T. Their video shows that something answered.

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This brand new YouTube share explains exactly what happened and how this video was captured a few days ago in Independence, Missouri:

On July 13, 2022, my brother and I were outside looking at the supermoon and sky-watching when we decided to try the Quantum UFO Observation Technique using telepathy to send out a message. I said "If there are any non-human entities in the area please let yourself be known." Two minutes later my brother spotted a bright object the size of an aspirin held at arm's length headed straight towards us from the west. I got out my camera and just as it was over head at about 80 degrees the object veered to the NE, making a change in trajectory.

They say that the video doesn't show how bright the object was and that it was blueish and appeared the size of an aspirin when at its closest.

A couple of thoughts. There are books on Amazon that claim to teach you how to summon UFO's. It's a new approach among UFO believers to get a close encounter. Second thought. This is extremely dangerous. As we've shared before, there is evidence to support the concept that UFO's have evil intentions with experiences closely resembling demonic possession. This is a great example of be careful what you ask for.

That being said, this is a compelling video of something in the sky that isn't easily explained.

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