Can you believe it's already been almost three months since you almost lost your finger to fireworks on Independence Day? Time sure does fly. If you're missing those sweet sweet sky explosions, but don't want to risk any of your appendages or digits, has Wright City got the event for you this weekend. It's the Midwest's Largest Fireworks Festival, here to welcome Autumn with a bang, and possibly an impromptu bonfire.

Nestled on I-70 between Wentzville and Warrenton is Wright City, all ready to light up the night sky with dueling pyrotechnic displays. Yep... dueling. They've got two master pyro-technicians who have mastered their craft and are ready to wow you with hours of explosions, and over 3000 mortar shells.

So no, this isn't just like when your drunk uncle dropped the firecrackers in the BBQ pit. This is straight up Experts Who Know What They're Doing And Know How to Make It Pretty. And it's not just six separate firework displays for your viewing pleasure, they've also got fireballs rolling through the sky. What a damn good way to say farewell to summer, and hello to fall.

For more info about the Pyromania Event at Wright City's Cedar Lake Cellars, visit the event's website.

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