When it comes to Kansas, I like to keep my expectations low. If you happen to be checking this out from Kansas and I've offended you, sorry not sorry. I think I can back up my concept of Kansas with science as I have a new video showing one of their people walking a dog dressed up like an astronaut.

There are a million things I could say, but just watch this for yourself. This happened in Topeka today.

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I have driven across Kansas many times in my lifetime. Not once was it enjoyable. By the time I reach Hays, Kansas when I headed west or Kansas City when I drove the family mini-van east...I was ready to scream at the top of my lungs by the time it was over.

I have a theory what's going on here. Kansas is really proud of the astronauts that were born there. I can't blame them. What else can they brag about other than having pretty sunflowers? I believe that this Kansas native is just proudly flying the astronaut colors because that's what they do in Kansas. Do weird things to distract themselves from the misery they live in.

I will admit that's kinda harsh and I don't mean it that way...but it is Kansas we're talking about here.

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