Mickey Guyton released a soaring new sample of her upcoming debut album, Remember Her Name, on Friday (Aug. 20). The song, "All American," recounts country themes, from "a Friday night football game" to "the dust on a backroad," and the ways they unify people across state lines.

“I wrote "All American" with my dream team of incredible female writers,” Guyton shares in a press release. She penned the song alongside Karen Kosowski, Victoria Banks and Emma Lee.

“This song embodies everything that makes America special," Guyton adds. "From a Texas sky to New York City lights and daisy dukes to dookie braids, despite all our differences, we are all American.”

Beginning with sparse production in the first verse, with Guyton's soulful voice over a propulsive beat, "All American" quickly picks up in the chorus with the soaring lyric "Ain't we all American?" A head-bobbing second verse and expansive second half precede an angelic outro, all showcasing the Grammy-nominated artist's incredible range.

Remember Her Name is due out on Sept. 24. It's available for pre-order and pre-save now.

Mickey Guyton's "All American" Lyrics:

We're the lines on the interstate / The dust on a backroad / We're a Friday night football game / The lighters at a rock show / We're the night shift, smoke break, high school heartache / Driving with the windows down / We're the dance floors, church pews, suit and ties, tattoos / One big small town ...


Ain't we all, ain't we all all American? / Ain't we all, ain't we all all American?

We're the stars in the Texas sky / And the jukebox vinyl / We'rе the New York City lights / And a hotel Biblе / We're hand-me-down, tailor-made, daisy dukes, dookie braids / James Brown and James Dean / We're cold beer, champagne, millionaires, spare some change / And everything in between ...

Repeat Chorus

We got the same stars, the same stripes / Just wanna live that good life / Ain't we all, ain't we all all American?


We're different in a million ways / But at the end of the day / Ain't we all all American?

Repeat Chorus

We got the same stars, the same stripes / Just wanna live that good life / Ain't we all, ain't we all all American?

Yeah, we all all American ...

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