A while ago, someone alerted me to the fact that Michael Jordan's mansion in Highland Park was for sale. I clicked through the pictures and admired the spacious grounds. Nothing I could afford (I need a raise, boss!)

Here it is, a couple of years later. I am doing research on another Chicago sports figure selling his house, when I come across the listing for Michael Jordan's mansion - still for sale!

According to the listing at Zillow, the property has been listed for over five years!

Looking at the history of the real estate listing, the property was originally placed for sale on March 1, 2012 with a listing price of $29,000,000. Since then the price has dropped to $14,855,000. I guess if you wait long enough, the price might go down to an amount even you could afford!

If I had the means to purchase a home of this stature, I don't think this would be the home for me.

  • It comes complete with a full basketball court. I don't play basketball.
  • It's in Highland Park. Not that Highland Park is bad, its just not my first choice of town to live in.
  • Plus, for that amount of money, I want to be overlooking some body of water. I hear there is a lake nearby.

Of course if you want to live a little more modestly, yet still in the former residence of a Chicago sports legend, Brian Urlacher's $3 million mansion hit the market earlier this week!

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