There you were, singing Toby Keith's "Whiskey For My Men, Beer For My Horses," and you thought to yourself, "Beer for my horses is cool and all, but you know what would be even better? Beer for my dog!" Well now that weirdly specific thought of yours is a reality so you can crack a cold one with your four legged friend, with Bowser Beer.

Bowser Beer is a specially formulated beverage to promote your dog's health. And while it's made with malted barley and is presented as a six-pack of bottles, it's not actually beer. Dogs can't really do alcohol, hops and carbonation on the regular. But it does come in three different varieties, beef, pork, or chicken. Something your dog will really enjoy. You could even get the variety pack so your dog can sample them all.

Fortunately it doesn't require refrigeration, and the bottles are plastic, so if you order it online or go all the way to Columbia, MO or Springfield, IL to pick some up, you won't have to worry about it spoiling or breaking in transit.

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