Bud Light is hiring a "Meme" specialist, if you make memes and love beer this job is for you!

Meme's have become an essential part of our daily internet lives, memes have no weight in the real world, but when it comes to having clout online a great meme game reigns supreme. So it is no shock to me that companies would actually hire meme creators as a part of their social media teams, and the number one selling beer in America is hiring.

Bud Light has posted on their website a job listing for you to be their meme creator, in the job description posted on their website it says...

"We at Bud Light have created the perfect hard seltzer. It’s five-times filtered, 100 calories, and comes in four delicious flavors. But we know a hard seltzer is only as good as its memes and, unfortunately, our memes are trash. We need someone who can change that for us; someone who can pull us out of the pits of cringe, someone who knows how to use the lasso thingy in Photoshop, someone like you. Please help us. Please.


To read the full statement and to apply for the meme job with Bud Light click here! (must be 21 or older to go to the Bud Light website)

Bud Light goes on to ask in the application process for some memes that you have created, as well as all your social media handles, tik tok included. I personally would be terrible at this job because I have never made a meme in my life, but if you do make memes doing it for Bud Light seems like a dream job!

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