If you enjoy spectacular sky events, get ready for the middle of May in the tri-state area as there will definitely be a lunar eclipse we'll be able to see and we might get a cool meteor shower, too.

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My wife (aka "the smart one") clued me into the fact that there's a lunar eclipse the night of May 15 and we'll be able to see it without staying up to the wee hours of the morning. Time and Date says the eclipse will reach it's peak at 11:11pm.

Space.com adds that it will be visible at totality for an hour and 25 minutes. Nice.

Oh,  but it gets better. Space.com mentioned that a week or two after the total lunar eclipse, we might just get a brand new meteor shower. They say that a comet known as "73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3" broke into different fragment way back in 1995 (Note: that's like Saved By the Bell old). The belief is that all the fragments of that comet may be a debris field that Earth goes through near the end of May, but they're not sure. (So you're saying there's a chance...)

As for the lunar eclipse, you can plan on that beginning around 8:52pm on May 15 and continuing into the early morning hours of May 16 according to Time and Date, but it will hit maximum goodness at 11:11p so no need to lose a night's sleep.

You can check out all the lunar eclipse details about the May 15 event on Time and Date as they have scientific stuff I don't understand.

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