If you want to check out the newly-renovated lofts in downtown Quincy, now's your chance!

The District is hosting a Loft Tour coming up May 11th, to show the community the new renovated lofts in downtown Quincy. Pre-sale tickets go on sale April 15th and will be $12, you can purchase tickets the day of the loft tour, those tickets will cost $15.

The District Loft Tour will run from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm and to see what these beautiful lofts look like. The lofts being showcased on May 11th have been fully-renovated with modern amenities, and you see how the downtown is really shaping up to be the place to live.

I have always wanted to live in a loft, but I admit it's probably not practical with a family of four. So this might be my next best option. This is a great opportunity to see what new things have been done to the lofts and what future lofts could look like.

The tour includes the following locations:

  • 626 Maine St. | Two 2nd floor lofts
  • 129 N. 6th St. | One 2nd floor loft
  • 112 N. 6th St. | One 2nd floor loft + Future home Quincy Brewing Company

For more information about The District Loft Tour this weekend click here. The loft tour is presented by All Phase Property Solutions.