Ella Mae Bowen sings every note of her heart-shattering ballad "I Don't Wanna Watch" like she's serenading the man who left her. During a recent performance at the Listening Room in Nashville, September's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist silenced the crowd as she performed this original.

Ironically, Bowen admits she's never had her heart broken by a lover. Her current boyfriend is really the first she's had, she tells Taste of Country, so she draws from other areas of her life to find heartache.

“Looking back, I think a lot of people through my life just haven’t known quite what to do with me,” she says. “And sometimes that has caused me to have hurt feelings because I’ve felt rejected.”

Jeff Cohen and Livy Jeanne helped Bowen pen the song. Here she sings it with just an acoustic accompaniment. The other four Song Suffragettes women look on, somewhat in awe of what's going on.

“But I don’t wanna watch, I don’t wanna see / I meant it when I said, I hoped that you’d be happy / But I don’t wanna know, can’t handle it right now / Don’t wanna feel the heat of your new love, burning down this town / I don’t wanna watch,” Bowen sings during each chorus of "I Don't Wanna Watch."

The second verse tells of how things ended:

“I remember when we first met and you felt so / Free and easy / At the end we just spoke in silence / We stopped trying, didn’t we." 

Bowen is this month's featured #LetTheGirlsPlay artist. The movement was started in response to how few female artists are getting their first big shot to have their stories and music heard. This singer admits she may not be a superstar that will fill up arenas and stadiums, but it's clear her songwriting skills will be tested by artists who will.

Look for an interview with Bowen on Thursday, followed by her life in photos on Friday. The Song Suffragettes singer-songwriters round performs every Monday night at the Listening Room in Nashville.

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