I lived alone and far from family for a bulk of my 20s. Going home on Thanksgiving was usually just not in the cards for me. As such, I learned to either cook a decent meal for myself and live off leftovers for another a week, or just head to an open restaurant and let them do the hard work for me. If I could fit it in my busy schedule of football watching. If you find yourself just not wanting to cook at all for Thanksgiving, several area restaurants will be open and serving a delicious Thanksgiving meal for you to enjoy. You don't even have to be single and living alone, you can take your family!

It's a safe bet that fast-food and fast casual chains will be open. It might be slow enough that you can get in and out in between football games. But if you're looking for some of that local flavor, and want to support local restaurants, the Quincy Chamber of Commerce helpfully posted this guide to their Facebook: