Sit down and let me share a tale (or is it tail?) with you about an old hog farmer in Missouri and what many believe was his great wealth which now lays buried somewhere under his farm. One problem trying to find it. It's supposedly guarded by the hogs he once raised.

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I have heard this story passed down many times and there are many stories of it on sites like 7 Lost Treasures of Missouri and Missouri Lost Treasures. I'll summarize for you. There was a farmer named Jenkins who had a hog farm near Bloomfield, Missouri in Stoddard County in the late 1800's. As the story goes, he was a grumpy feller who didn't socialize with anyone in town. All the townspeople knew was that he made quite a bit of money over the years from his hog operation.

By the time it was around 1890, Old Farmer Jenkins family had died from the illness. He continued to operate the hog farm alone. One day a neighbor noticed there was a malnourished dog on his porch who he recognized as one of Old Farmer Jenkins dogs. He went to investigate and was shocked to see that Old Farmer Jenkins was dead in his home and was being (*shudder*) eaten by hogs. The authorities put those hogs to death.

As the story continues, since no family were around to inherit the farm, it was sold many times over. The question remained where did Old Farmer Jenkins store his wealth? The theory was it was buried under the farm which led many to investigate.

Treasure Seeker says that everyone who has tried to investigate Old Farmer Jenkins farm has been attacked by hogs. That's why no one dared come on the property from that point on.

According to their story, there's nothing left of the hog farm now except the chimney. Oh, and maybe Old Farmer Jenkins wealth buried somewhere underneath it.

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