I've seen these in videos on the internets. I've been fortunate to see one in action while I was visiting friends up in the Twin Cities. I know cities like San Diego, Madison, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, and Nashville, among others, all have them. And I think both Quincy and Hannibal would each do well with one. I'm talking of course, of a pedal pub.

I know what you're thinking, "Brodie that's a brilliant idea, why aren't you mayor yet?" And if not that, probably "Brodie, that's a terrible idea, drunks on a bike. We don't need another bar! You should never be mayor." First of all, why are my political aspirations, of which I have none, brought into this? How do you know what they are? I wouldn't run for mayor (#Brodie4Prez2020). And also, hear me out on this.

I'm not saying a pedal pub is a great all the time idea. I'm just saying that for as many festivals and events and town gatherings both Q-Ville©®™ and H-Burg©®™ have, it would definitely serve a fun purpose. We could get people around the areas of whatever festivals are happening, they could enjoy a brew, and if they skipped leg day, they get a workout in. It's perfect. It's fun. It's quirky enough to work as a fun novelty at all fests, from Dogwood to Oktober, from Brew Skies to Hootenanny. We're all already drinking, we might as well get a solid workout and check out the sights while we're at it.

So what say you, slightly smaller, further south versions of the aforementioned Twin Cities? Should we each get one?

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