Even after his own life was taken from him, this Missouri officer was able to help save the life of another Missouri Police officer, and it's a great reminder to us all how important selfless acts are.

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You have probably heard the tragic story by now of the young 22 year old police officer named Blaize Madrid-Evans, a police officer in Independence, Missouri who was killed in a shoot out, just months after making it through the police academy. Well this tragic story has a slightly brighter ending thanks to the fact that officer Blaize Madrid-Evans was in fact an organ donor.

According to and article on 10tv.com the fact that officer Madrid-Evans was an organ donor is helping save the life of a fellow Missouri police officer in need of a kidney, in the article they say...

"Madrid-Evans was an organ donor and Springfield Officer Mark Priebe needed a new kidney. Priebe was paralyzed after being intentionally struck by a vehicle in June 2020. His kidneys began to fail in June and he began dialysis in July...Priebe's family learned on Friday that they were a match, and the transplant was performed Saturday in St. Louis."

To read the full story for yourself just click here!

Wow, such an emotional and powerful story. It just serves as a fantastic reminder to people out there that if you are not an organ donor you should really consider becoming one. Organ donation can help save the lives of so many good people who are out there fighting for their lives, and you never know who you are going to help by being a donor. Next time you are at the DMV consider making the change to becoming an organ donor.

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