The results are in, and the bluesy, southern rock infused Car from TrailerHawk just dominated Natalie Alexander's ballad I Don't Want to Catch My Breath, notching their first win in KICK It or Keep It. Both songs were great, but the audience was just more in the mood for something upbeat this time around. We're sad to see her go, but the votes don't lie.

TrailerHawk have a tough road ahead if they look to secure four wins, a spot alongside Lindsay Ell, Noe Palma and Jessica Lynn in the KICK It or Keep It Hall of Fame (under construction), and earning a permanent slot in our rotation. Next week, we'll see who their challenger is for KICK It or Keep It. Find out who they are next week, Monday morning at 9:15 for the next round.

Here is your victor, TrailerHawk with Car.

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