The results are in, and the bluesy, southern rock infused Car from TrailerHawk once again dominated the competition, with Craig Wayne Boyd's Stuck In My Head picking up a respectable 22% of the vote. It wasn't enough to take out TrailerHawk, though, as they pick up their third win in KICK It or Keep It, entering the KICK It or Keep It Hall of Fame alongside Lindsay Ell, Noe Palma and Jessica Lynn.

I know what you're thinking, "Brodie, it's supposed to be four wins, isn't it?!" That's true, normally it is, but we have some big announcements regarding KICK It or Keep It for the rest of 2017.

First up, KICK It or Keep It goes on hiatus next week for Thanksgiving. Given the shortened week, it just made sense to halt it.

The second announcement is to close out the year of KICK It or Keep It, we'll be holding "Second Chance Sudden Death" rounds. We'll comb through the past year of Breakthrough Artists. Some lost their KICK It or Keep It rounds, some never got the chance to compete. They'll go head to head in winner-take-all match-ups. Two artists go in on Monday, one artists leaves on Friday a victor, with a permanent spot in KICK Rotation, and enters the KICK It or Keep It Hall of Fame.

So between the hiatus next week, and the Second Chance rounds in December, we thought six weeks was far too long to go between a third and fourth round for TrailerHawk. Considering their performance over the past three weeks, there's little reason to think they wouldn't take a fourth week anyway, so we granted them early retirement from competition, and a spot in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is still under construction, and will go live once we have the Class of 2017 set.

Once again, KICK It or Keep It will be on hiatus next week, find out who the first Second Chance Sudden Death competitors are on Monday, November 27th.

Here is your victor, and KICK It or Keep It Hall of Fame inductee, TrailerHawk with Car.

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