The results are in, and Kasey Tyndall's foot stomping anthem 'Bar That's Open' held strong for a second straight week, with a dominating win over CJ Solar in this week's KICK It or Keep It.

Kasey Tyndall vs CJ Solar results

CJ Solar fell short of winning KICK It or Keep It, as Kasey Tyndall is just cutting through all challengers like a buzz saw. This, like 2017, could be a very good year for new artists in Country music. We're rooting for Tyndall as she's now notched three wins and we'll see if she can go the full four weeks to make the Breakthrough Artist Hall of Fame. Find out who she faces in her final week on Monday at 9:15am.

And let's not forget that even though CJ Solar is gone this week, he could come back in a Second Chance slot later this year.

Here is your victor, Kasey Tyndall with Bar That's Open.

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